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I am a dreamer. I'm highly addicted to music and cuddling, and these are some of the thoughts in my head...

Anonymous asked: What makes your heart beat faster?? For what are you passionate?

I guess I kept not answering this, because I feel like I’m not entirely sure. And that feels like such a quick escape answer, doesn’t it? I keep thinking that I’m not passionate about anything, but when you put it out there as the first question…
What makes my heart beat faster?

Music. Amazing music that I’ve never heard before but is so wonderful I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to find. Music by my favorite bands. Concerts and shows. Street music that’s incredibly talented and makes me pause to listen. Playing the piano and getting emotionally involved in what I’m playing.
Reading. Getting so caught up in a good book that I can forget about my own life for a little bit. Feeling understood. Learning new things. Feeling invested in another person’s life, because their blog posts are so well-written or so relatable.
People. Sharing a mutual look with a stranger about events happening around us. Catching a guy looking at me and then glancing away when I glance at him. Making a new friend. Making friends on the internet. Realizing how much you have in common with someone. Just laying back on my bed with my best friend listening to music and talking (or not talking). Observing a room of strangers doing their own thing, walking down the street or in a cafe.
Living. Really experiencing life. Taking walks through the woods, going on mini trips, opening the windows and breathing in the fresh air, trying new things, getting excited about things (even if people will make fun of me for liking the thing I’m excited about).
Writing. Writing poems. Even bad poems. Writing letters to friends or birthday cards for my parents. Writing lists. Writing blog posts. Answering anonymous questions.

<3 (Thank you.)


Everyone step up to the left side of their broomsticks, stick your right hand over your broom, and say ‘up!’

Requested by Anonymous: fave scene in every HP movie (Sorceror’s Stone)

“Sometimes I remind myself that I almost skipped the party, that I almost went to a different college, that the whim of a minute could have changed everything and everyone. Our lives, so settled, so specific, are built on happenstance.”
Every Last One (Anna Quindlen)

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Favorite song of MRC008 so far. 

(Im)patiently waiting for this vinyl to appear on my doorstep. My dear Midwesterners are such teases…

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I don’t know how to say it, so I don’t. Honey I don’t

My heart is too damn weak for this album. Sling Shot To Heaven, bring on the tissues for my issues.

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I’m trying not to be a privileged little brat, but we sold the grand piano that we’ve had since I was maybe 7, and the piano movers came today, and the room is so, so…empty. And it’s completely logical to have sold it; we need the money, I don’t play it nearly as often as I did when I was younger, and when I move out I can’t take it with me. But it feels like this big loss. And I don’t know how to explain it.

Video by LeenaDProductions, though I can’t find who posted the original parody lyrics for the life of me. 

Anonymous asked: And excellent use of a semi-colon! Be still my poor heart!


Anonymous asked: Oh goddamn, you are beautiful!

You are much too sweet; thank you, darling!

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